The hat "Panama" fabric is more than 1000 years. They are handmade by indigenous Incas. Each one takes 2 days to 6 months to be done.
The straw hat comes in only one place in the world, in Ecuador. 

It´s called Panama, because when the French and later the Americans, built the Panama Canal, began to wear hats for protection from heat and humidity, mimicking local workers. Upon returning to their countries, were asked where were these hats, and answered, Panama. And so, throughout the world, was known by that name. Until today, is used by royalty around the world. 

Beside, this panama hat and cape of Napoleon Bonaparte, below, Prince Akihito, Emperor of Japan in the early twentieth century. FDRoosevelt, who returned from his visit to the canal with one of them when he was president, and very popular, since the great depression and won the 2nd World War, Churchill, Santos Dumont, Tom Jobim, Paul Newman, Sean Connery, Pavarotti and many others famous personalities used it constantly.